Mahaveer Awards


Recipients of the Prestigious Mahaveer Award Over the Years



Lord Mahaveer is the 24th teacher in the Jain tradition and was an apostle of Ahimsa (non violence). These awards have been presented to individuals and organisations who have shown exceptional compassion for our animal friends.



8th June 1986 in Croydon
• Late Neville Hall of Croydon who was very active in the Vegetarian Society for many years.

5th July 1987 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London
• Late Peter Roberts founder of Compassion in Farming
David Whiting. He exposed many illegal abuses of animals and continues to do so. He is the step son of Lord Dowding commander of the battle of Britain. Lady Dowding his mother was the founder of Beauty without Cruelty.

9th August 1987, Southampton
Southampton Animal Aid at Southampton Hindu Temple.

1990 the first ever vegetarian rally in Hyde Park
Juliet Gelately who went on to form Viva! The highly effective animal rights and vegetarian organisation.

1991 Alexandra Palace
Compassion in World Farming and Kerry Brown of World Wildlife Fund

1992 Hyde Park
Professor Andrew Lindsey
• Late Maxwell Lea. Maxwell was a leading figure in the UK Vegetarian Society as well as the International Vegetarian Union.
Robb Johnson famous musician and ardent campaigner for animal rights and vegetarianism.

1993 Alexandra Palace
• Late Tony Banks MP and ardent animal rights campaigner.
Hillary Nimmo

1994 Southall Vegetarian Festival
Dave and Helen who took on the mighty McDonalds and inspired countless people to fight against all odds! Their epic battle with McDonalds is the longest legal battle in British history!
Spike Milligan

1995 Hyde Park
Jill Phipps (posthumously). Jill died in a tragic accident while fighting the desperate fight to stop the export of calf’s to Europe from Coventry.
• Late Vicky Moore who was severely wounded while trying to stop a bull fighting event in Spain.
Rossie Catford.
Michael Mansfield QC. Michael speaks out for animals and is a proud vegetarian.
Carla Lane famous TV personality dedicated totally to animals.

1996 Hyde Park
Georgina Kennedy, Molga Salvalaggio and late Michael Sutcliffe who was a veteran campaigner for animal rights and active member of Animal Aid and Viva!

1999 Hyde Park
Joan Court who has inspired a whole generation of people to fight for animal rights.
Francisco Martin a leading figure in the International Vegetarian Movement.
Heather James, the Vegetarian Society of UK, the Vegan Society of UK, Animal Aid, Viva, the Fox Project, PETA, Compassion in World Farming.

2001 Trafalgar Square
• Late Lord Weatherill former speaker of parliament.
Tony Benn (veteran politician)
Pat Mear, Croydon Vegan Activist
Jane Cuthbert
Eileen Clarke
Kaylie Day and Carol Webb for their love and care of animals at their sanctuary

June 2002, Croydon
Steve Christmas
Kishorebhai Shah (Jivdaya) based in Antwerpe, Belgium
Parsuram Prabhu for feeding tens of thousands of people in many parts of the world as part of Food for Life project.
Sue Dickens
Dan Sidley

2003 Croydon
• Lord Parsvanath Award presented to Maneka Gandhi animal rights activist and MP in India
Cambridge 2003
• Lord Parsvanath Award presented to Arjuna Wholefoods, Cambridge
Rainbow Cafe, Cambridge
Lynn Sawyer
Beryl Spence

2004 Hyderabad, India
Dharmaj K. Ranka

• Late Arthur Ling who was first to market Vegan (Soya) milk
• Late Donald Watson founder of the Vegan Society

One Stop Thali, Restaurant & Cafe, Bristol

2006 Houses of Parliament
Swami Ramdev famous Yoga guru and anti meat campaigner
Sir Mota Singh QC

2007 Houses of Parliament
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar famous Yoga guru with a huge following
Lord Swaraj Paul
Sri Jaggiji Maharaj famous guru with a huge following

2007 Croydon
Darren Collis of the Sea Shepherd which confronts the Japanese fishing vessels hunting for whales in the Atlantic Ocean

2008 Harrow
Dada Vaswani famous guru promoting vegetarianism everywhere

2008 Chelsea
Supreme Master Ching Hai. Supreme Master Ching Hai and her followers promote vegetarianism all over the world and they have 24 hour TV channel promoting vegetarianism and compassion to animals

2008 Alexandra Palace
Mata Amritanandmayi (Amma). Amma is famous for her hugging devotees and preaching compassion and love towards all. She has hugged over 35 million people.

2009 Manchester
Leslie Tarleton who runs two animal sanctuaries.

2010 Nottingham
Pat Smith of the Veggies of Nottingham for promoting vegan food all over the country.


2011 House of Parliament, London
His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji of the Veggies of Nottingham for promoting vegan food all over the country.


2012 Harrow London
Maharaz Tarlochan Das Jee of the Veggies of Nottingham for promoting vegan food all over the country.