Links and Affiliations

Y.I.V. International

Vegetarian Society of India
Contact: Shri Laxminarayan Modi
Ahimsa Bhavan, F-125, Lado Sarai
New Delhi, 110030, India

Vegetarian Society of Kenya
Contact: Liladhar Bharadia
P.O Box, 43414, Nairobi, Kenya

Vegetarian Society of Punjab
Contact: Shri Manmohan Singh Gauri
Surinder Niwas
6 Rattan Chand Road
Amritsar - 143 001
Tel : (0183) 222 2197

Vegetarian Society of Andhra Pradesh
Contact: Jasraj Shrishrimal
15-8-511/73, Jain Temple Street
11nd. Floor, Feelkhana,
Hyderabad-500 012
Andhra Pradesh, India
Mobile: 9394544929

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Links to Vegetarian & Vegan Resources

Want to explore and learn more about vegetarianism? Well here are some links promoting vegetarianism from various angles.

Nitin Mehta  -This website is about the campaigns and views of Nitin Mehta on a range of issues with the emphasis on Ahimsa, Vegetarian and Vegan lifestyle

Jain Vegans - Jain Vegans is a community of individuals who organise and participate in initiatives to help the Jain community transition towards a low-himsa vegan lifestyle.

Vegetarian Society of UK - The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity promoting understanding and respect for vegetarian lifestyles.

FARM - Farm Animal Reform Movement - An educational resource concentrating on promoting a vegetarian lifestyle and the rights for farmed animals. Contains information on the organisation's campaigns, publications, and news releases.

International Vegetarian Union - Concerned with the promotion and representation of vegetarianism by providing a variety of resources reflecting ethical, historical, and literary issues.

VIVA - The vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Love Holidays - A practical guide to travelling as a Vegan, or with other dietary requirements

Viva on Factory Farming  - End factory farming before it ends us

Save The Kangaroo  - The largest massacre of land animals on the planet takes place in Australia each year. Read more and see how you can help.

PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Topics covering four key areas relating to animal rights, namely factory farms, laboratory experimentation, the fashion industry (fur and leather), and the entertainment industry.

Vegan Society - The Vegan Society which promotes ways of living which avoid the use of animal products, for the benefit of people, animals and the environment, and provides numerous online information sheets about nutrition, lifestyle, health and related issues. Download their information booklets here.

Vegan Buddies  - Offers online support and advice for people trying to go vegan.

Veggie 123 - Useful free vegetarian ebook site with recipes to improve your health.


Is-It-Vegan - An online database, regularly updated, of vegan products in the UK


A Guide to Cruelty-Free Beauty Shopping - A Cruelty free shopping guide

The Real food (Vegan) - site to help you cut out the cruelty, and go animal free.


Vegetarian for Health - Your source for becoming a vegetarian, including types of vegetarian diets, health benefits, environmental impact, vegetarian and vegan recipes and much more.

Veganism in a Nutshell - Provides a definition of a vegan, explains the philosophy behind the lifestyle choice, and discusses the importance and requirements of a nutritional diet.


Jain Vegan Yahoo Group - Forum for people, wherever they are on the path to a vegan lifestyle, to learn as well as share ideas and their experiences.

JAINpedia - Jain Philosophy and Vegetarian encyclopedia.

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell - Offers a definition of vegetarianism, describes how recommended quantities of substances such as protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin B12 can be met, and provides links to a range of vegetarian literature, teaching materials, and recipes.

Karuna International - Started by a group of social workers in 1995. The primary objective is to inculcate humane values in the hearts and minds of young children so that they will have compassion towards all living beings. Such compassion is a much needed tool to protect and preserve our environment.

Europeans for Medical Progress Trust - World leading scientists from industry and academia present their vision for the future of drug development – with a focus on human biology.

Animals Right Library - A wonderful resource of literature promoting liberation across the species.

ISKCON - On Vegetarianism - Selected articles on vegetarianism on the International Society for Krishna Consciousness' web site.

Green Challenge - Helping you make little changes locally for a big change globally. Sign up for their quarterly newsletter. Also visit their sister site VegE-News to subscribe to a monthly newsletter.

Moral Vegetarianism - Read some of the moral and ethical reasons behind vegetarianism.

Quaker Concern for Animals  - Quaker Concern for Animals works for the protection of animals and the promotion of their rights, by characteristic Quaker means.

Manjula's Kitchen -  An interesting website featuring traditional Indian Vegetarian Cooking utilising video.

FussyVeggie: Food connoisseur - Blog - Get candid reviews of vegetarian restaurants, mainly in London

VeggieVixen - Easy Home cooking Recipes for vegetarian dishes. Free Recipes.

Veggie Yogi - Video Channel - Videos relating to Supreme Master Ching Hai. a world-renowned humanitarian and respected spiritual teacher.

Animal Counts - A Political Party to help create a better world for people and animals

Liberation of Brother & Sister Animals - A non-profit international Buddhist animal equality vegan group.

Vegetarian Russia -  A compilation of materials for Russia-bound vegetarians. What to expect, food choices, vegetarian cafes and restaurant, vegetarian/vegan friendly homestays.

Jain Samaj -  Jain Samaj Manchester website. 

Russian Horse Riding - A vegetarian oasis near Staritsa, Tver region, between Moscow & St. Petersburg. The main attraction of this small retreat is authentic (and inexpensive) country living, HORSE RIDING, exploring caves, and doing nothing in particular. 100% vegan menu.

Culinary Schools - A vegetarian resource page at the Culinary Schools website.


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